Remember September 11 - 2001


September 11 - 2001


Until you're gone, I will not miss
The sweetness of your ways;
Recall, with such intensity,
Your subtle means of praise.
I will not find the hours long,
Nor miss the song you sing.
For while you're here, I cannot dwell
On such intrinsic things.
Until I'm gone, you will endure
The chatter of my voice;
Unnecessary things I say
To fill, inform, annoy.
And when I'm gone, perhaps, you'll long
For just a verse or two
Of the song we sang together or
The poem I said to you.
But while we're here, let's make each day
A time of worthwhile words.
Let's smile a lot and laugh and say
Endearing things we've heard.
Let's make a memory, ever dear,
To carry always on ...
To have and hold and cherish us
Until ... until we're gone.
In memory of those who perished
on September 11, 2001
This Web Page was created by the Lotto Shack
to remember the tragic events, that un-folded on
the 11th September 2001.
© The Lotto Shack September 03 - 2002



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