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Lotto RIP OFF' and SCAMS

The International Syndicate Club
Queensland -Australia.
Should YOU JOIN this SET-UP.


Interesting Australian Web Site,
Smart Gambler
Well worth the visit and to read the contents,

The Australian Government 
Scam Watch Web Site.

Although this is An Australian Web Site.
it well worth visiting and READING all sections,
as we feel that what has been posted here, is a VERY GOOD set 
of guide lines to give you a very good indication if a Lottery/Lotto offer that you may receive has all the Hall Marks either of this Australian Government Web Site or what you may read below.

Number #07.

ORDER and Pay NOW 
Receive LATER.
Date Time of Posting: 18-September-2002 07:17
Eastern Australian time.

The Lotto Shack personally became aware of this web Site.
Although we can not Declare a RIP Off (In the Sense),
nor a SCAM.
There is still some worrying aspects from Information viewed from this Web Site.

Lotto Millions.
Web Address: http://lottomillions.com/

Lottomillions Bookstore
P.O. Box 495
Browns Plains.
Australia. 4118

This company is selling Two products from their Web Site.

1# A Lotto Book.
Web Address

"LottoMillions The Secrets that the Big Winners Won't tell you!"
Written and researched by 
renowned "Lotto Master" Mr. Bob Brown 
and re-edited by his son, Brian Brown.

We do not have a problem with this, as we have read and seen many of books about playing and Winning at Lotto.
We have read the REALLY Good ones. NOT SO Good and of course the Down Right stupid ones and would not win you any Lotto money what so ever.
One particular book was SO BAD and so full of ERROR'S,
that we returned it and DEMAND and received a FULL REFUND
after we pointed out the Error's and omissions in this book.


A painting Titled

"Lotto Abstract"
Web Address   http://lottomillions.com/print.htm

Some funny claims have been made on this page, 
but more details in our Painting summary below.

The following has been copied and pasted from their Web Site, so that we may be able to reply in proper Fashion.

Web Page Address:

You can Order by Credit Card - No problem.

But if you wish to pay by PERSONAL Cheque,
or lets say you are in Australia and after paying a bank their FEE for a Bank Cheque.
Or applying to a Post Office for an Australian Money Order, and paying a FEE for this Money order. the following rules APPLY as STATED on their Web Site.

Payment by "Bank or personal check, Money Order, Cash

For all non-credit card orders, please write down details of products required and price. Please send along with payment. All checks, money orders etc, to be made payable to: "Mr. B. Brown."
Postal address:

Lottomillions Bookstore
P.O. Box 495
Browns Plains.
Australia. 4118

Taken from their Web Site and pasted.

Personal / Bank checks and Money orders will have ten (10) working days clearance processing time. All products will remain the property of Lottomillions until payment is received in full.

1) Clearance time for PERSONAL CHEQUES we can UNDERSTAND.
Although most Australian banks have a clearance of FIVE (5) Bank working days.
Also it may be different rules for Overseas Cheques and International Money orders. But we are not certain of this.
2) Clearance for Australian Bank Cheques and Australia Post Money Orders.
2a) Money Orders can be presented to any Post Office, and upon the presenter producing suitable Identification the presented money Order is HONOURED without delay.
This also applies to International Money Orders we have presented in the past.
2b) Australian Bank Cheques presented at the Issuing Bank has been honoured immediately that we have experienced in the past. Or CREDITED to our account within TWO (2) Days
But there may be an issue with International Bank Cheques having a delay in CLEARING the same, this we "UNDERSTAND".

Taken from their Web Site and pasted.

Shipping Details

Shipping will occur within two (2) working days from our facility once payment has cleared.

  • Our preferred shipping agent is "Australia Post".
    Delivery time within Australia is 2-7 working days.
    All orders outside of Australia are 1-3 weeks.
    All products dispatched from our facility are checked for defects and damage prior to packaging and shipping.


    1) Okay, so my payment has been CLEARED, but the products can still be up to TWO days away from being Despatched.
    2) Now must await Australia Post to Deliver the package.

    Day One:
    Write out Product Order, visit Bank or Post Office to purchase a Bank Cheque or a Money order. Hand over money for the Full Price of the items or item ordered. Pay the respective fee.
    Insert the Bank Cheque or Money Order into the envelope along with my order and post letter.

    REASON: No Credit Card, or DO NOT wish to give Credit Card details over the Internet. 
    Day Three:
    My letter arrives at company Offices. Details of personal nature, and Ordered products Noted.
    REASON: Allow TWO Days for my letter to arrive at companies Office.
    Day Four: Company presents my form of payment to their bank for Clearance.
    REASON: They might not had time to included my form payment in their Daily Banking the previous day. An Australian Banks now have a CLEARANCE of 5 Bank working days. Not 10 as stated on their Web Site.
    But if I was making payment by Australia Post Money Order, why was not the Money Order presented straight to the Post Office that day for immediate payment, we BEG to ask?
    Day Fourteen: Company now has CLEARED FUNDS from my Payment.
    Day Fifteen to Sixteen: My order processed after my funds have been cleared.

    BUT WHY: My order should of been Dispatched the day my FUNDS Were CLEARED. Un-necessary delay.
    And if this is the case, it makes one wonder if it worth the TROUBLE to submit an ORDER.
    Day Eighteen to Day Twenty Four: Awaiting arrival of package by Australia Post. 
    WHAT UP TO JUST OVER 3 weeks from time I placed the order for the products from the company.
    We have email this company about this, and in typing up this email we made a typing ERROR on typing an "9" instead of an Zero, to their claim of Payments taking 10 days to clear.
    Their reply received a short time later on the same day was responsive in part then out-right RUDE.
    From: "admin" <admin@lottomillions.com>
    To: <penguin45@iprimus.com.au>
    Subject: Re: a Question
    Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2002 23:14:59 +1000
    X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 5.00.2615.200
    X-OriginalArrivalTime: 14 Sep 2002 13:06:31.0233 (UTC) FILETIME=[8B4F3310:01C25BEF]

    Hi Brett,
    Where did you get the 19 day clearance for bank cheques and money order part from? I grant you Australian post money orders and Bank cheques are as good as cash, but as you should know they are still subject to clearance from the bank, I have had a case years ago where one bounced. Some of our products have been for sale for over 15 years.
    In over 15 years and thousands of products sold we have to date 1 return. If you think we are ripping people off, maybe you should email me with a question instead of shooting off your mouth.
    Brian Brown

    A further email was sent, not only saying sorry for your typing ERROR, but we also asked a QUESTION about the LIMITED ADDITION aspect of the LOTTO ABSTRACT. PRINT

    Body of email sent at 23:43 hours on the 14th September 2002
    Dear Sir,

    Silly me, a Stupid Typing error.
    I humbly say I am sorry.
    I meant to type "0" as in ZERO
    but must of HIT the "9" Key instead.
    And no I am not Shooting my mouth off.

    Once a Bank Cheque or Money Order is presented for
    payment and payment is made, then there is no chance of
    the Bank Cheque or Money Order Bouncing.
    Unless the same was STOLEN.
    I do not have nor use a Credit Card.
    I use Bank Cheques or Money Orders,
    expecting goods to be sent immediately.
    Because a Bank Cheque or Money order is good as Cash
    in the mail-and I do not send cash through the mail.

    Seen them all.

    1) How many PRINTS where done of the Painting.
    2) How many have been SOLD?
    3) When will the PLATES be destroyed?

    And my personal opinion there is "NO KEY" to such a code
    in the Lotto Painting-I feel it is just a MYTH.

    Brett Sutton
    The Lotto Shack

    As of TODAY'S DATE-18th September 2002 we are still awaiting a REPLY to our email with the ANSWER to our QUESTION.

    1) Allow extra payment so that an ORDER can be SENT "EXPRESS POST"
    2) To allow a customer to do a DIRECT DEPOSIT to the companies Bank account. which the customer then FAXING through the receipt that the customer receives from the bank. This way the company knows the funds/payment is secured, and should be able to dispatch the order EITHER THAT DAY or the next working day.
    3) Allow a telephone number on their Web page for such inquires.


    We have reviewed the WRITE UP on this page.
    And we do have SOME CONCERNS about the claims being made.
    If you thought treasure maps went out with the pirates, think again!
    Professional Lotto player and millionaire Bob Brown buried the secrets of his winning systems in two paintings completed
    before he passed away
    "If only they knew what was in there," he would muse, and since then many have tried to wheedle a look at the paintings now in the care of his son Brian Brown.
    The hundreds of bright multi-colour squares that make up "Lotto Abstract" conceal the key to Bob Brown's treasure trove of secrets.
    The mysterious paintings were put away in a cupboard until Brian dusted them off and hung them in his own home.
    Knocked BACK or refused an Offer for $50,000.00 for some one to buy both paintings some time ago

    These are just some of the Quotes from the Web Site.
    Please visit this page for the FULL DETAILS.


    1) If these PAINTINGS are so valuable, why are Prints available to CRACK the CODE. Especially if has the potential of Millions of Dollars.
    2) Especially with CLAIMS LIKE:
    2a) Do you like puzzles?
    2b) Can you see patterns where others can't?
    2c) Do you consider yourself the solver of problems?
    2d) Could you handle the secret knowledge contained within the "LOTTO ABSTRACT"
    2e) Could you prepare yourself for the rush of wealth once the code has been cracked.

    Therefore if this is the case the following copied and pasted from the Web Page,
    is a Real Concern:

    Millions await the person who can unravel the long buried secrets of "Lotto Abstract!
    So why sell any PRINTS AT ALL, why do they not keep the secrets to themselves and make MILLIONS from playing Lotto
    Also noticed that the "ORIGIN GAL PAINTINGS" are now "UP FOR SALE"

    Original paintings
    Currently the original two paintings have been made available for sale by offer. Interested parties can contact me by email.
    admin@lottomillions.com Subject: original painting sale.
    We beg to ask Why they are being PUT UP FOR SALE.

    We allow readers to form their own opinion.

Number #06.
Date Time of Posting: 18-September-2002 07:17
Eastern Australian time.

The Following Details was received by email on the 11-September-2002

This person has been receiving printed material from;-

TIPS 123

Number #05.
Date Time of Posting: 18-September-2002 01:44
 Eastern Australian time.
and Phone Blowers!
And the FIRST MENTION OF Western Union Payment.
But we will
NOT be making PAYMENT of your SO CALLED Winnings by Western Union.
Also second mention of a Security company (Although different) to handle the so called Lottery/Lotto Winnings

The Following Details was received by email on the 05-July-2002


The Lotto Shack received an email from a United Kingdom, stating that he had received a telephone call allegedly a person (Jack Rose) in Blaine, Washington State, U.S.A. that he had won 18,800 British Pounds in the Australian 6 from 45 Lotto game back in November . Although this person had NOT received any written communication to confirm this.
This person was informed that a Courier was bring the WINNING CHEQUE to them personally.
But that this person from the UK had to pay an Insurance fee of (GBP) of 3,000 to be forwarded by Western Union.
But this payment (INSURANCE FEE) was to be made out to a person (Randy Miller-the Accountant) who would produce his passport to collect the payment, whom we believe is fictional and not the ACTUAL COMPANY.
This person was informed that a company clerk would then be in touch to confirm the details of the SO CALLED TRANSACTION.

The next day this person was contacted by a woman with an American sounding Accent, "TIFFANY" who asked for the 10 digit code that this person received when he made the payment via Western Union. This female repeated the WHOLE DETAILS given the previous day by the So-called Jack Rose.
Even down to the so called Prize claim number, that this person must give to the So-Called courier before the So-called Cheque was handed over.
Then on the Monday the 24th June this person was contact by Telephone once again 
A Mr DOMINIC PLANE, of Baldwin's Couriers at Blaine, Washington State, U.S.A. He went through all the details of my winnings related by both Rose and tiffany. He told me that one of their couriers, DAMIEN SHIPLEY, would be delivering the cheque.

And guess what?
A fee of £710 was REQUIRED for this SO-Called service.
The payment to be made by Western Union.
This person was informed by the So called Security Company, that would be in contact.
But this latest payment was to be MADE OUT to a;-
So called accountant of Baldwin's Couriers
1733H Street, Blaine, Washington State.
Later that day he received yet AGAIN another telephone call from a So-Called  LISA MILLER- So-Called Secretary of this Company..
This Female once again confirmed all the So-called details from previous Telephone calls. and also requested the 10 digit code that this person received from Western Union when he made this next INSTALMENT of the "STING". And tale of the Passport be produced for Identification was once again used.
Another Telephone call from this "Plane" on the 28 June to say that "Shipley" would be flying from New York to Heathrow with my cheque and six others for other winners on Wednesday 3rd July and he would contact me when he landed with the time he would be at his house.
On Wednesday the 3rd of July a phone call was received from "SHIPLEY" who now claims he had been stopped by Customs at Toronto who had searched him and as a result of him being searched they were demanding an International Gaming Tax at 10%.
Once again this person made a FURTHER PAYMENT via Western Union, this time the payment was for £1,880 for the SO CALLED release of the cheque by Customs in Canada.
Once again to made out to a name of a person and not the Security Company. 

There fore the PAYMENTS to date Totalled,
1,880 British Pounds.

Then on the Thursday evening 4th July, this person was CONTACTED YET AGAIN by Telephone call from "SHIPLEY".

This person was informed that the Courier had been NOT  ONLY STOPPED and detained by Customs at Toronto, but this time by customs at Glasgow Airport, where he had to go to because he missed his connecting flight from Toronto to Heathrow, U.K.
This person started to worry, but this time actually RANG CUSTOMS in GLASGOW, because "SHIPLEY claims, he was once again STOPPED AND SEARCHED BY CUSTOMS, and was asking for a further £1,750 for the so-called PAYMENT OF A International Gambling Tax.
He was informed there is no such tax and that they would not levy such tax. 

By this time this person was starting to worry some thing was not QUITE RIGHT, so he delayed making any further payment.

Yes! and sure enough this Person was contacted by "PLANE" on the Friday the 5th July, ? AMERICAN TIME.
asking why the delay.
This person exchanged some heated words with this MR PLANE.
and his suspicions and insisted on the story as related by all the other American persons. (probably now aware of our Lottery/Lotto Scams Page) 
This person was informed to check with the Seattle Police as to his honesty as his father who was retiring in two months was an officer in that force. He gave his fathers name was Joseph Plane and his full name Dominic Joseph Plane
This person informed "PLANE" that a phone call would not prove anything in relation to the lottery winnings. 
There was more HEATED EXCHANGES taking place between this person and "PLANE" He was informed by "PLANE" that he would contact the Lottery distribution company and see what could be arranged. 
This person then informed "PLANE" "He could have the so called Gaming Tax when I had the Lottery Cheque in my hand and when my Bank had cleared it. 
Plane went on to say that he would call this person back with a result of his negotiations.
Needles to say to this time this poor person has never heard from neither the SO CALLED LOTTERY COMPANY, not the SO CALLED SECURITY COMPANY.
At one stage this person  was given a telephone number by Plane who said it was his office number, 
1 6048339346,
This person tried this number putting the International code for U.S.A. 
and it does not exist, 
the same going for the firm of Baldwin's Couriers who he had checked out with the International Directory Enquiries. 
When this person took this up with Plane on Friday 5th July 
he insisted it was his number and asked me to use the operator to get the number. This person refused to so

We have Searched the NET using Search engines, and can not come up with any references what so ever, for BALDWIN'S SECURITY.
We have checked with International Directories of Telstra Australia,
And with no joy what so ever.

Never, Never make any PAYMENT to a so called employee of a so called company. If you are going to send money to the SCAMMERS send it to the Company name they supply.
Do not tell them this when you supply the digit code from Western Union payment.
Then stand back and watch the flak directed at you for not playing along with their game.
We honestly believe there is no company registered in that name, and therefore they can not access the money.
When you get further calls from them, approach Western Union and lodge and official complaint with Western Union, informing them of what has transpired.
Then ask Western Union to stop payment and DEMAND a reversal payment back to you.
By doing this you have proven it was a SCAM/RIP OFF.
And you have saved yourself a lot of Heart Ache and further loss of your money. 

1) This was a Scam from the word GO.
2) The actual street address supplied in the posting, if it DOES exists is nothing more then a mail forwarding address.
3) If you got to pay a Service fee to collect your So called fee's to receive your WINNERS CHEQUE.

Then insist that they make the payment of your "SO CALLED WINNINGS by return WESTERN UNION Payment, informing them that you will produce MORE than enough suitable identification to prove your Bona Fida.

4) Make them aware of this warning page,
Inform them you will be contacting this office, and if deem to be a RIP OFF and/or a Scam the full details will be posted on this site.
We are more than happy to defend our statements on this site in any Court of Law,
5) Before you pay any money for any Lottery or so called Lottery Winning's please supply all the details to this office, especially any paper work, Scanned images of paper work is suitable, as long as it is readable by us, Gif and Jpeg images are the best.
6) Remember if it sounds TO GOOD TO BE TRUE, then it is most likely to be a RIP OFF or A Scam.
7) The mention of a Security Company to handle the Winnings of the SO CALLED WINNERS. Must admit it sounds good, but JUST A PLOY to make it sound good.
8) OUR FINAL RECOMMENDATION: If you want to play in Australian Lotto games please use the Official State Lottery Commission Offices in Australia.
9) Or contact us DIRECT by email for our Recommendations.
These are Lottery agents, coming under the control of the different State Lottery Commissions.

Number #04.
Date Time of Posting: 17-July-2002 22:56 Eastern Australian time.
The Following Details was received by email on the 14-June-2002.
Global Lottery Agency
of Amsterdam-Netherlands.

Long awaited Australian Government Lottery held on the
 20 November 2001. 
With the results released on 24 February 2002.

Chrome Security Company will be dealing with the lottery winnings.
The deadline is the 29th July 2002 to claim your prize.


1) An Australian Lottery/Lotto Game held on ONE Date and the results released 3 months later.

2) Payment to SO CALLED Prize Winners further 8 months after the SO CALLED Lottery Draw, which now makes it 8 months after the alleged Lottery/Lotto Draw.
This was un-heard of by this Office.
And this has been verified by contacting various State Lottery Offices within Australia, who refute any claim of an Australian Lottery/Lotto Game going over this time period.
3) The use a Security Company to handle the Winnings.
(see other listings above about Courier Company Delivery of So Called Cheques). And who is going to pay this Security Company for the handling of the Prize Money Winnings?
You are of course. Instead of asking for an up Front Payment for Administration and handling charges you will be asked to pay for the services of the So Called Security/Courier Company. Which we believe will be at least 10% of the So Called winnings they claim you have won, if not a higher percentage of the So called Winnings.
4) Global Lottery Agency, according to the email claims any amount not claimed after the 29th July will be returned to the Australian Government.
Well this has never been heard of. This is just scare Tactics and make their CLAIMS Look good.
This Office has verified this to be a LIE, as we have contacted the various State Lottery Offices within Australia, and they refute this statement..
The email stated that Global Lottery Agency are asking for identification to be fax over to them.
Passport or Drivers License
. Unless this was asked for when you joined do not FAX these documents anywhere.
Tell the Company to arrange your So Called payment by Electronic Transfer, And that you will produce suitable identification when you get the so called Winnings from the paying point.

All the Hallmarks of a Lottery/Lotto Scam.
Identification details Faxed may be used for illegal purposes.

Number #03.
Date Time of Posting: 15-June-2002 10:00 Eastern Australian time.
The Lotto Shack personally became aware of this Web Site selling tickets in Australian 6 from 45 Lotto to Overseas Lotto/Lottery Players.

Postal address1: POSTBUS 93077
Postal address2:PIM, Inc.
Bezuidenhoutseweg 181
4th Floor
2594 AH Den Haag
The Netherlands
Telephone: (1)215.879.2800
FAX: (1)215.879.1600

The Telephone/Fax number show an International code for America.
Therefore it is the Lotto Shacks Honest Belief that is company is operating out of America, and not from the address as stated on their Web Page.

This company claims there are no Extra
Fee's to play Australian 6 from 45 Lotto.
But by viewing the following Web Page at their site, we are now certain that this Company and other Overseas Companies do a very HEAVY MARK up of the actual entry cost to play.


You are taken their Home Page, from there click on the icon for Australia Lotto 6/45.
This will lead you to another page, giving all the details playing THEIR WAY!
As Quoted from this Page:

Australian Lotto Details

For just US $79 you can play your lucky numbers in two games for 16 consecutive draws over 4 months.

Working on the principle from several days ago ONE AUSTRALIAN dollar equalled $0.56(US) Dollar.
From an Official Victorian Lotto Agent:
One game in Australian Saturday 6/45 cost 45 cents (Aus).
Taken from Official Australian Lottery  Publication.

The Entry cost includes Commission

Number of Games

Entry Cost ($Aus)

Number of Games

Entry Cost ($Aus)

4 $1.80 10 $4.40
5 $2.25 11 $4.90
6 2.70 12 $5.30
7 $3.15 18 $7.90
8 $3.55 24 $10.60
9 $4.00    


1) A Minimum of 4 games must be played in any week in Australian 6/45 Lotto
2) It does not matter how many games you play in Victoria there is also what is Known as a Ticket TAX of $0.10 cents
3) Also different State Lottery Commissions are SLIGHTLY different Prices to play Australian 6/45 Lotto.

Therefore is we use the above entry cost as a guide, and for the purpose of this exercise;-One Australian Dollar equals $0.50 (US).
And the above figures are only for a 1 week entry

Then for argument Sake $1.80(Aus) roughly equals around $0.80(US)
But they say on their Web Site TWO GAMES, is that 2 games of 6 numbers or two lots/games of say 12 games. it is not very clear.

But our thoughts that your entry cost Through Win Lotto/PIM INC is HEAVILY MARKED up, so that they do not have to spell out that they are charging extra as in fee's.

Lets us look at the following which was taken from an Official Lottery publication.

Four (4) games of 6 numbers played for 10 weeks will cost $16.90.
Working on principle of One Australian Dollar equals $0.50 American then the cost in American dollars should be just under $34.00(US)

4 games at $1.80 played over 16 6 consecutive draws, equals $28.80 or roughly just under $58.00(US)


Using their Main Page as the starting point


We clicked on the link to the left to view the 

It is major Concern to us that the actual Prize Money  and the winners Differ GREATLY to the Tattersalls Official Web Site.


This table of Results taken from the Win Lotto/PIM INC Web Pages.
Although The Draw Date is Correct for Saturday 6/45
There is no Draw Number, which was for the 8th June 2002, was 2179. Even the Publish Winning Numbers in Drawn Order (nice) are Correct the result of the results on their page is TOTALLY in-correct. Therefore we must wonder they have DOWN Graded the prize amount but UPPED the Amount of Winners for each Division, and we will that when we view the results taken from The Official Web Pages of Tattersalls.
Does this mean that Win Lotto/PIM Inc are making more money by doing this, we wonder?

WINING LOTTO RESULTS for Draw conducted on 08-June-2002
And we believe the Dollar amounts quoted are American Dollars, but why the differences in the amount of Winners

Number of Winners
Amount Paid
1st Prize 6/6
2nd Prize 5/6 + bonus
3rd Prize 5/6
4th Prize 4/6
5th Prize 3/6 + bonus

The following table is from the results taken from Tattersalls Web Pages

Number of Winners
Amount Paid
Australian $
1st Prize 6 Winning Numbers
2nd Prize 5 Winning Numbers,
plus EITHER Supplementary Number
3rd Prize 5 Winning Numbers
4th Prize 4 Winning Numbers
5th Prize 3 Winning Numbers,
plus EITHER Supplementary Number

  But why the BIG differences, especially in the Lower Divisions?
for the Win Lotto/PIM INC Results Table?

Division Two: An increase of 28 Winners.
Division Three: An increase of 432 Winners.
Division Four: An increase of 12,925 Winners.
Division Five: An Whopping increase of 45,770 Winners.

And we beg to why to ask 
and over the preceding draws prior to this one, have they made these claims as we NOW point out.
We are unable to check because no where on their Web site are we able to view the Prize pay-outs and Winners for previous draws.
But something tells us that the MARK UP in Winners for each of the earlier draws would of happened.

 Number #02.

Lotto Syndicate Rip-Off and SCAM

The Lotto Shack has recently received an email from the United Kingdom about another possible Lottery Rip Off and Scam.
Although full details are not available at the time of posting.
We are aware the Global Enterprises,
Address unknown at this time,
seems to pulling the same sort of Stunt.
We are awaiting further Information from the United Kingdom
To provide more details. 
at this time is that Global Enterprises,
Are also Claiming and Up Front Payment
of 1,000 British Pounds for Fee's and Administration Cost.
This has all the HALLMARKS of a SCAM.
But a interesting Point gleaned from the email we received is;-

That Global Enterprises are claiming that the fees are:-

"As this is something required by Australian law."
We can assure all readers that this is not true.
This is just SCARE TACTICS to get One to pay
UP-FRONT to receive your So Called Winnings.
Therefore we have reached the conclusion,
that is also a SCAM.
We have checked with Official State Lottery Commissions
within Australia, and this claim has been refuted by them.
As Soon as we have Mailing Address, Telephone/Fax Numbers
They will be posted here.
In the mean time The Lotto Shack would like to hear from others who have either had dealings with Global Enterprises, or know some one who has been approached by them, saying that they won a LARGE AMOUNT of Money, but want a very HIGH Up front payment, usually around 10% of the so called Winnings to process their Claims.

Number #01.
Lotto Syndicate Rip-Off and SCAM

The Lotto Shack is interested to hear from Lotto players from any where who has dealings with;-
 130 - 680 E. Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5T1X7.
(And we believe this is a mail drop and not the office of this Company)
Have heard via email that this company is selling Australian Lotto
tickets to people in America.
We are of the understanding the these people never see a certified copy of the tickets, or actually know what draw they are in.
Through an email contact with some one in America.
Their Father was notified that he had won a big amount of Money in some Australian Lotto game.
But for this person to receive the prize money, the company is DEMANDING a SERVICE/
PROCESSING FEE, before sending a Cheque.
It has been brought to our notice that the Payment demanded is $799.50.
If the company by law can charge this money, then this fee MUST be deducted from the Winnings held by the company, and the Balance paid to the person who was to receive the winnings.
Has the Hallmarks of a SCAM!!
If you have already sent money to join a so call syndicate or to buy Australia Lotto Tickets, do not send any more money till you demand to received CERTIFIED Copies of the Australian Lotto Tickets, or some other form a proof to actual Purchase.
Please email us HERE with your story of the dealings with this company.
Last do not send any money to claim your prize. Tell them to deduct it from your SO-Called
Winnings, and see what happens.
(6th February 2002)

Copyright© The Lotto Shack - version 3.0