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Number #03.
Date Time of Posting: 15-June-2002 10:00 Eastern Australian time.
The Lotto Shack personally became aware of this Web Site selling tickets in Australian 6 from 45 Lotto to Overseas Lotto/Lottery Players.

Postal address1: POSTBUS 93077
Postal address2:PIM, Inc.
Bezuidenhoutseweg 181
4th Floor
2594 AH Den Haag
The Netherlands
Telephone: (1)215.879.2800
FAX: (1)215.879.1600

This company claims there are no Extra FEE's to play Australiain 6 from 45 Lotto.
But by viewing the following Web Page at their site, we are now that this Company and other Overseas Companies do a very HEAVY MARK up of the actual entry cost to play.


You are taken their Home Page, from there click on the icon for Australia Lotto 6/45.
This will lead you to another page, giving all the details playing THEIR WAY!
As Quoted from this Page:

Australian Lotto Details

For just US $79 you can play your lucky numbers in two games for 16 consecutive draws over 4 months.

Working on the principle from several days ago ONE AUSTRALIAN dollar equalled $0.56(US) Dollar.
From an Official Victorian Lotto Agent:
One game in Australian Saturday 6/45 cost 45 cents (Aus).
Taken from Official Australian Lottery  Publication.

The Entry cost includes Commission

Number of Games

Entry Cost ($Aus)

Number of Games

Entry Cost ($Aus)

4 $1.80 10 $4.40
5 $2.25 11 $4.90
6 2.70 12 $5.30
7 $3.15 18 $7.90
8 $3.55 24 $10.60
9 $4.00    


1) A Minimum of 4 games must be played in any week in Australian 6/45 Lotto
2) It does not matter how many games you play in Victoria there is also what is Known as a Ticket TAX of $0.10 cents
3) Also different State Lottery Commissions are SLIGHTY different Prices to play Australian 6/45 Lotto.

Therefore is we use the above entry cost as a guide, and for the purpose of this exercise;-One Australian Dollar equals $0.50 (US).
And the above figures are only for a 1 week entry

Then for argument Sake $1.80(Aus) roughly equals around $0.80(US)
But they say on their Web Site TWO GAMES, is that 2 games of 6 numbers or two lots/games of say 12 games. it is not very clear.

But our thoughts that your entry cost Through Win Lotto/PIM INC is HEAVILY MARKED up, so that they do not have to spell out that they are charging extra as in fee's.

Lets us look at the following which was taken from an Official Lottery publication.

Four (4) games of 6 numbers played for 10 weeks will cost $16.90.
Working on principle of One Australian Dollar equals $0.50 American then the cost in American dollars should be just under $34.00(US)

4 games at $1.80 played over 16 6 consecutive draws, equals $28.80 or roughly just under $58.00(US)


Using their Main Page as the starting point


We clicked on the link to the left to view the the 

It is major Concern to us that the actual Prize Money  and the winners Differ GREATLY to the Tattersalls Official Web Site.


This table of Results taken from the Win Lotto/PIM INC Web Pages.
Although The Draw Date is Correct for Saturday 6/45
There is no Draw Number, which was for the 8th June 2002, was 2179. Even the Publish Winning Numbers in Drawn Order (nice) are Correct the result of the results on their page is TOTALLY in-correct. Therefore we must wonder they have DOWN Graded the prize amount but UPPED the Amount of Winners for each Division, and we will that when we view the results taken from The Official Web Pages of Tattersalls.
Does this mean that Win Lotto/PIM Inc are making more money by doing this, we wonder?

WIN LOTTO RESULTS for Draw conducted on 08-June-2002
And we believe the Dollar amounts quoted are American Dollars, but why the differences in the amount of Winners




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