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Bonus Lotto Syndicate
The Season's Greetings From The Lotto Shack


During any given year the Lotto Shack will conduct a Syndicate to play in what is known as A Super Bonus Draw.

A Super Bonus Draw is where the 1st division, is a guaranteed set amount.

The next Super Bonus Draw Syndicate: 00th December, 2002

(AUS) $00 Million 1st Division.

The syndicate will consist of One Game plan of 24 Numbers
played with computerised Wheeling Systems. 4,316 Standard Games.

Test conducted on these numbers show that these numbers regularly come up.
Whilst no guarantee can be given to WINNING the BIG ONE,
No doubt the LARGER the entry, one would think that we would have a better than average return on our investment.

The Game Plan will consist of 24 Numbers COVERED IN 4,136 GAMES.
Making it a total of 4,316 games being played.

The game plan will consist of:
359 tickets comprising 12 games each
One ticket comprising of 8 games.
A total of $2,000.00 for the Game plans

00th December 2002

$50.00 per share.

Only 40 Shares will be available
Shares will be sold on a First Come First served basis only
All costs are in Australian Dollars
Cheques and Money Orders made payable to;
( International Bank Cheques or Money Orders)
The Lotto Shack
and posted to;
Unit 5 - 18 Blenheim Street
Balaclava 3183

( An official receipt will be posted the same day as monies are received )

Are you still uncertain if you should join us at the Lotto Shack, to take part in
one of our Syndicates, then why not check out our
Frequency asked Questions Page.
for further information.

The drawing dates and the amount allocated to 1st Division are subject to change.
The Lotto Shack will endeavour to publish the correct information as soon as it is to hand.
Computerized Wheeling Systems

Please take notice:
 Each COMPUTERISED WHEELING SYSTEM is made up of a series of groups of 6 numbers,
which are standard LOTTO GAMES.
These numbers are then filled out onto multiple LOTTO COUPONS
which are then validated at the nearest LOTTO OUTLET.


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